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At Widmeier Landscaping we can help you with your residential and commercial landscape projects. Whether it be your front yard, backyard, patios, retaining walls, sod, seeding, garden designs, edging, outdoor kitchens, boulders, or natural stone just a few areas of our expertise.


We can help with any project


Every project begins with a walk through of your property to determine your needs. We want to find out how you'll use your yard, whether you need play space for children, room for pets to run, or patio for entertaining, a quiet spot to read, or privacy screening from your neighbors. We take time to notice design issues that you may not have thought about and offer innovative solutions as part of your landscape plan. We aim to get a sense of your aesthetic preferences so that we are able to create the perfect design for you and your family. 

Initial Consultation



Design Software

Transform your outdoor space into a stunning garden with our professional landscape design service. Our team of landscape designers will work closely with you to create a customized landscape that reflects your style and preferences. From selecting the right plants to designing the layout, we will create a landscape that is not only beautiful but also easy to maintain.

Christine and Mark Steinhauser 2264 Julia Dr. Viewpoint.bmp


The Process

Here's a project completed this past year by our team at Widmeier. We did every portion of this job from the design process to the installation. Our company is a one stop shop for your exterior projects, which makes the process stress free for our customers. Once your under our teams wing you are in good hands! This project is a prime example of such!


Starts With A Solid Foundation

In the below pictures you can see how we do our footings for most of our walls. We install 8-12"  thick concrete footings under our retaining walls which insures our customers that they are getting a superior install.


A lot of things had to go into this project to make it happen. We even had to demo a large garage that was in the way of building this massive wall. Nothing was gonna delay this project! 

Concrete and Pavers

We also replaced the concrete driveway and added an extra parking area in where we installed a beautiful Rose Creek Blend paver. Our skilled team here at Widmeier allowed us to successfully and efficiently tackle every part of this project. We are very proud of the team we have created!

Finished Project Photos Soon To Come!

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