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Snow Removal

At Widmeier, we are committed to providing our clients with a timely and well rounded, snow removal services. We provide snow removal services for residential and commercial clients. Available services include snowplowing, sidewalk shoveling, salt/de-icing, and snow relocation.

Our Snow Removal commitment to you consist of a 24/7 monitoring of your property or business location. Once under our wings, you are guaranteed to receive full, 24/7 services every time snow occurs.

Call Widmeier Landscaping today and hire a professional you can trust to care of your business parking lot or driveway! 563-451-6399

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Commercial Snow Services

We provide snow services for large home owners associations, small business, large industrial parking lots, and shopping plazas. 

We understand that it is important to keep your parking lot clear and safe when customers and employees are coming and going from your business location. This is why we offer a superior 24/7 service for your parking lot and sidewalks.

Contact our snow removal office today at 563-451-6399 and discuss a contract that fits your place of business best!

Residential Snow Services

Our residential snow services are 24/7 just like our commercial services!

We have your home covered no matter what mother nature throws at us. We offer a complete custom service to fit your property's needs best. Whether you need to get to work in the morning or are having a party in the can depend on Widmeier Landscaping to have your driveway cleared on time.

We are open 24 hours/7days a week during the winter months, so call anytime and get set up on are snow service!!

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Snow Hauling Services

Our snow hauling services are quick and economical. If you have no room for snow and it needs to be relocated...don't worry we got you covered.

We have several locations around Dubuque, Iowa to take your snow and make it disappear!

We can add are snow hauling services to your contract and have it activate right after a snow storm or you can just call whenever you need your snow hauled away! 

Call our snow office today at 563-451-6399 or email at

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